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The fear of obstetrical care malpractice can often create an uneasy feeling in an expectant mother's mind. More often than not, having a baby is a time of great anticipation, high hopes, and joy for the parents and their families. It also represents a period during which many women, in the course of their prenatal care, experience their first long-term contact with a physician, midwife, or nurse practitioner. Because pregnancy is a normal physiological process, most women progress through their prenatal course with expectations that everything will be absolutely normal, and that the infant will be healthy. When these expectations are not met, and the baby or mother is injured, joy turns to despair and grief. Plaintiffs seek explanations of how, when and why it happened and who was responsible. If they cannot get reasonable answers from their healthcare providers, the plaintiffs may turn to the legal system for relief. The costs associated with caring for an injured infant or mother can be enormous. The death or persistent coma of a previously healthy woman can have a profound impact on the family. This factor alone can induce plaintiffs to consider legal action against the healthcare providers. There are many prenatal and perinatal factors that lead to cerebral palsy and other types of birth injuries. The obstetrical case must be carefully evaluated by both plaintiff and defense counsel.

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