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        Rhode Island Train Accidents


We are trained accident experts! We are a very aggressive and skilled Rhode Island train accident injury law firm who has extensive experience representing victims of serious train accidents and train collisions.

For Immediate Assistance Regarding Your Train Accident, Please Call Our Injury Hotline Number 401-788-0600:


We are a very aggressive and experienced Rhode Island personal injury law firm who are already representing injured victims of the Placentia train crash.

Every 90 Minutes There is a Train Collision or Derailment

A "train accident" is a collision, derailment, or other event involving the operation of railroad on-track equipment resulting in damages that exceed $6,300. A "train incident" is any event involving the movement of railroad on-track equipment that results in a death, a reportable injury, or reportable illness, but in which railroad property does not exceed $6,300.

Motorists are thirty times more likely to die in a crash involving a train than one with another vehicle. And one-third of the states experienced more rail-related fatalities in 1998 than six years earlier.

The number of train accident fatalities have remained virtually unchanged for the past decade. And, since 1997, the rate of all train accidents has been going up.

The nation's railroads continue to be responsible for chronic accidents, hazardous materials spills, and a fatality rate that remains high. Simultaneously, rail traffic is increasing, while federal and state governments provide only limited oversight over rail safety. Absent action on the part of legislators, regulators, and the railroads themselves railroad safety could become a much greater problem in the future.

The most common cause of train accidents is defective track or human error.

However, another contributing factor may be the movement toward increased speeds for trains as they run through more densely populated areas like towns. There are also concerns that the continuing cutbacks in railroad staffing levels may compromise existing safety and stall future safety improvements.

Most of the 223,000 miles of railroad track currently operating in the nation goes un-inspected each year.

The U.S. rail systems consists of a massive network of track and rolling freight cars that extends throughout the nation. More than 600 railroads operating 20,000 locomotives, which pull 1.2 million freight cars on approximately 223,000 miles of track---enough track to cross the country more than fifty times.


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